1st year
Welcome to HITs.  Let's start learning how to learn. In the first year, you get basic academic skills according to the international standard for a bachelor's degree in computer science. Your task is to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the school and learn the ropes of its educational techniques. You need to understand what are the main tasks performed by software engineers. And it is important to understand and accept the fact that studying at school will not be easy but will certainly be a very exciting experience. The major subject of the first year is Programming.




2nd year
The main task of the second year  is to prepare the student for the first serious professional test: at the end of the year, you must pass an interview for the position of a junior developer. If in the first year you mostly studied the subjects common for any computer science program; now you begin specialization in the field of software engineering. You have to find out what are the tasks of the different members of the project teams during software product development and decide what you prefer. The major subjects of the second year in the first semester are Databases, OOP, Web Application Development, or Mobile Application Development, and in the second, Server Application Development and Requirements Development and Analysis. This is the standard that every modern software engineer should master.




3rd year
"Dreams Come True!".  If you are a HITs 3rd year student, this is the year when your career starts. That is why the colour of the third year is white, denoting a fresh start. The main educational activity during this period is project work within the framework of your personal development track. For those who have chosen a professional track, this is practical work on real software development projects in a partner company. Those who have chosen the scientific track will be engaged in applied research in scientific projects in the university’s leading labs. And those who have taken the path of developing their own IT business through the innovation track will have time to turn their business idea into reality. Naturally, most of the time will be devoted to the implementation of your projects. In the classroom, you will gain theoretical and practical skills that should help your future career development. The major academic activity for this year will be your term paper.




4th year
Description of the 4th year will be available soon. We are working on creating it. We are also waiting for blue T-shirts for the guys.


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